Our Story

Welcome to Prairie Rose Boutique!  It's a great feeling knowing you look your best.  The kind of feeling that leaves you shining and sparkling inside which then radiates to your entire day.  We want that for you.  We want you to feel confident in who you are, and although you are already wonderful, simply based upon the unique and distinctive ways God made you, feeling like you look totally adorable is just the icing on the cake. 

Whether you are going to your office, grabbing a coffee then hitting the library, date night with your man, hanging out with your kids, shopping with the girls, or enjoying a day outside topped with movie night at home, you will find the perfect look at our boutique.  The look that enhances who you are inside by radiating confidence and is a reflection of who you are.  Embrace your beauty and let that sparkle shine~

About Us:  We are two sisters, Anna and Beth, that have always had a close relationship since we were little. We have always done life in tandem and we've never been apart from each other for too long. We moved from North Dakota to Oklahoma to Texas and back to North Dakota together....we just can't get rid of each other!

Why Prairie Rose Boutique? As I mentioned before, we have moved around a bit in our adult years. Neither of us ever thought we would move back "home" to North Dakota. But life happens and we realized that being so far away from family is not how we want to live. So here we are, in the wonderful open prairie close to our family. The prairie rose is the state flower and we wanted something to represent our family roots. And so, our boutique's name was chosen.


Beth, Anna, and their wonderfully, crazy kids.