Exclusively You!



Exclusively You! is a collaboration between Style 311 and Prairie Rose Boutique that brings you personalized fashion expertise based on the traits and characteristics that make you Exclusively You! 

Style 311 with Lola Weinreis, Certified Christian Image Consultant, teaches you how to dress your best from choosing which colors to wear, to what style of jeans look best on you, to your best accessories, and everything in between.

At Prairie Rose Boutique, you have the opportunity for a personalized style consultation with Style 311 where you receive the tools and information to look your best. 

Here's how it works:

  1. You choose the level of detail you desire from your virtual style consultation.
  2. Set up your virtual appointment with Style 311.  You will use email and self photos for your consultation.
  3. Get your results from your analysis, implement them into your daily life, and feel awesome knowing you look incredible in what you are wearing.

Exclusively You Packages

      ~The Creek Color Consult~

  • $30
  • 20% off unlimited items from your Color Code Collection for one month
  • The Creek Color Consult package will give you your best colors to wear based on your hair color, eye color and skin tones. You will work with Style 311 through email and photos of yourself to determine your results.  Once you complete your consultation you will have access to your Color Code Collection on Prairie Rose Boutique so you can shop specifically for items that make you Exclusively You! and know they are your perfect colors.  

Determine Your Color!

      ~The River Consult~

  • $175
  • The River Consult is a comprehensive virtual style consultation with Style 311, complete with your best colors, 36 color swatches, information on how to dress for your body shape, and numerous additional tips and pieces of advice on looking your very best.  
  • The River Bag:  The River Bag will be shipped to you with three handpicked items by Style 311 from Prairie Rose Boutique based on your style consultation results.*
  • You will have access to your Color Code Collection on Prairie Rose Boutique so you can shop specifically for items that make you Exclusively You! and know they are your perfect colors. 

Let's Do This!

       ~With a Cherry On Top~

  • 15% off your River Bag Refill**
  • Hand-picked clothing by a style expert?  Sounds pretty great, right?  Once you've completed The River Consult, you now have a taste of someone picking out your clothes specifically on what makes you Exclusively You!  We understand that this is a service you will want more than once so when its time to refill your River Bag, contact us with what you are looking for, and Style 311 will get you taken care of whether you need one or 10 pieces.  Previous clients who have done a personal style appointment with Style 311 are also eligible for A Cherry On Top.  Pricing varies on what you are looking for.  Price is the product price less 15%.

Contact, Lola, Your Personal Shopper!



*The three items in your River Bag will be based upon  Boutique'sPrairie Rose selection availability.  Every effort will be made to complete your bag according to your preferences, however, based on your results the three items may vary between tops and bottoms.

**This is not a literal River Bag refill.  Your items will be shipped as regular shipped merchandise, not in the River Bag exclusive to the River Consult.

***This is not a subscription box, and you will only be charged one time per package you select.